I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. I thought I would die. Even my doctors thought I would not survive, they almost gave up on me but with the prayers of those who prayed with me I am totally healed by the power of God. Prayer truly works.

In my early twenties I was knocked off my feet with a deadly stroke. I was unconscious for a long time and had to be transferred to another hospital in Barbados where I gained consciousness through treatment. My left side at that time was completely dead; during this challenging period of my life, my pastor and his members of the prayer warring group- Hot Line 2 Heaven prayed earnestly to God on my behalf and the Lord healed me. To God be the glory, prayer works.


My teen age son was attacked by demons which caused him to become rebellious and disobedient and sometimes violent. I sought help from all those who I thought could help him. He took no interest in his school work. His behaviour became burdensome and unbearable; I knew not what to do. One day my friend referred me to his pastor whom he thought could help me, so I called him and he invited me to come to his church with my son for prayer. They prayed and I felt a sense of relief. Some days after the condition seemed to have worsened, so I called for the pastor again, but this time he brought his prayer group to my home and prayed and cast out the spirit that was destroying my son’s life. From then my son has been delivered. He went back to school and passed all of his exams wonderfully.

He is presently studying in the U.S.A.
Thank God for answered prayer and thanks to the pastor and his prayer group Hot Line 2 Heaven for praying for my son and myself.


I am a believer in prayer. I was struck down with an unusual physical attack which drove me unconscious for about two hours. I was told that while I was in the intensive care I was calling for my pastor who came and prayed for me. When the news got around there were many people who began to pray. God answered prayer and put me back on my feet. It had to be God for up until now all the tests that I have done have shown that nothing has gone wrong.

There is indeed power in prayer.

Ruby T.

Our son in law was sick with a very unusual brain tumour but with much prayer to God and by the help of skilful doctors in Miami, he was healed three years ago. Thanks to God for answered prayer.

Through much prayer God has helped us to become debt free.I recommend that people in need of help, should try prayer.

Eugenie M.

We have prayer cloths which we will send to you upon request. These prayer cloths were prayed over and anointed to be used as a point of contact for your healings and deliverances. You can wear it on some part of your body, in your purse or wallet, or under your pillow or at the place you need it the most.

The God to whom we prayed has blessed this cloth and would in no doubt bless you as you put your faith in the God of miracles. Our prayer cloths are free, but we are asking you kindly to send us an offering to help with the postage.

Your testimony of what the Lord is doing for you is also important